Melbourne colourful beach houses | solo traveller | 一人旅行澳洲驚喜|墨爾本巧遇彩虹小屋 | handheld shooting 手機徒手攝影


Besides Brighton beach boxes, one of Australia’s most recognisable buildings, I found another surprise by wandering around.

Welcome to my channel ! Thank you for watching I’m a Taiwanese girl who travel alone mostly and loves capturing the beauty of the simple things around us. Hopefully you would enjoy and like them !

歡迎來到我的頻道!感謝各位的觀賞 在澳洲,很喜歡一人探索周遭環境,更喜歡以手機攝影捕捉我感知的美。
除了墨爾本知名勝地Brighton Beach 的彩虹小屋,附近也有很多樣式的彩虹小屋,得發掘!

Tools : iPhone XS& my hands
Video shooting : October, 2019
Video editing : August, 2021
Video editor : inshot
Music: Youth
Musician: @iksonmusic
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